Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beginning to Prepare

Alright, so it's T minus two weeks until departure and I'm still working retail for most of that during the holiday season. That means I have a limited period of time to get ready, but I'm preparing the best way I know how: lists! I've got a pretty massive text file full of everything I need to put together and categorized by what bag it's going in.
      Being Type 1 Diabetic, I have to bring 6 months worth of all my prescriptions with me, which will end up taking the form of another carry on. I'll have a personal bag (backpack), a rolling carry-on with all of my meds and a fairly enormous handbag to keep my other personal items in. Add that to the gigantic checked bag and I'm good to go. I might end up using some of the space from my significant other's bag if I can't fit everything in mine.
      I'll be deep cleaning my apartment over the next week and staging all of the stuff I have to pack so that it's easy to put together during the last few days before we leave. I'm super busy and have so much to do and so little time. I'm trying not to let the stress get the better of me, but it's a lot to have on my plate and it just keeps adding up. I just keep thinking about how nice it'll be to sit on the plane in 2 weeks and know that I've accomplished everything and can finally relax during a brief vacation before my classes start on January 12th.

     True to form, I have managed to fix my schedule such that I'm only in classes on Mondays and Tuesdays, which means that although I have a full-time class load consisting of 4 courses, I still have 5 consecutive days each week to do whatever I feel like. I expect it to be a positive change from being scheduled at work or in class nearly every day each week and having countless things to do in between. I'm very much looking forward to having some time to relax and enjoy being in London, and I hope to visit a few very cool places nearby as well.

Until next time! Cheers. 

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