Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beginning to Prepare

Alright, so it's T minus two weeks until departure and I'm still working retail for most of that during the holiday season. That means I have a limited period of time to get ready, but I'm preparing the best way I know how: lists! I've got a pretty massive text file full of everything I need to put together and categorized by what bag it's going in.
      Being Type 1 Diabetic, I have to bring 6 months worth of all my prescriptions with me, which will end up taking the form of another carry on. I'll have a personal bag (backpack), a rolling carry-on with all of my meds and a fairly enormous handbag to keep my other personal items in. Add that to the gigantic checked bag and I'm good to go. I might end up using some of the space from my significant other's bag if I can't fit everything in mine.